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Certified Computer Technicians

  • Do you need a part time Or full time computer technician for your company?
  • Not sure how to hire one?
  • Not set up to supervise one if they are hired?

Let us staff your site for you!  You can have us hire, supervise and support a dedicated technician for your site and save yourself the time, hassle and confusion of hiring one yourself.   We will provide a serious discount on rates that would also make the economic decision easier.  We will tailor make a proposal to fit your organization's needs. We are not a staffing agency. We are a computer network support company and your tech is on our staff.

If we staff your site, you also get the following advantages:

  • Professional supervision on a scheduled basis.
  • Your tech would be a member of our team and be receiving technical backup and ongoing training.
  • Proper site review and documentation as part of our established process.
  • Systematic review of all expansion, upgrade and addition proposals.
  • Coverage for vacations, sick time, emergencies.
  • Rapid replacement of the employee with minimal transition time.

What do we ask for?

  • A bit more money than if you hired yourself.
  • An agreement to make proper documentation part of the job description.
  • A service contract with your firm.

Contact our business manager Ray Perez at (210) 324-9850 for more details. 

We would be happy to have someone come and discuss your computer use with you cost free.  Just ask!

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