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Top PC Techs, LLC provides expert, computer forensic analysis. We give our clients timely and professional service, while ensuring that our analysis exceeds the rules of evidence and our clients expectations.

Top PC Techs, LLC is proud to offer forensic investigation for both corporate and individual needs. Whether your company needs forensic analysis and investigation of a single disk drive or your need is to extract data from an entire network, Top PC Techs, LLC can provide you the resources needed to complete the job.

Computer Forensics - Top PC Techs, LLC extensive knowledge of hard drive data retrieval gives us unique insight into Computer Forensics. Our forensic services (evidence recovery) capabilities reach far beyond those of the common computer forensics analyst. Top PC Techs, LLC Services' expertise, combined with leading edge technology, provide the tools to meet the challenges of electronic evidence recovery - or any computer forensic service you need.  

You can trust your critical data to Top PC Techs, LLC Services.

Is your special someone, lover or spouse cheating on you? Does your marriage seem to be heading for divorce. Don't be caught unprepared. Are your employees stealing company time by surfing the Internet during work hours? Are they surfing to illegal sites on the job. It is your responsibility as an employer to monitor these actitities. It is perfectly legal to monitor what your employees are doing on the job and it can be discretely done without anyone else's knowledge.

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